Thursday, April 23, 2009

medical marijuana

I read an article on today about a guy that ran a legal medical marijuana store in California, and is now facing possible jail time. The US government have been going over the state of Californias head and raiding these medical ditributors all over in Cali and have managed toe ven run a few of them out of business. Well they raided this guys place for the second time recently and are going to trial for possible jail sentancing. This is crazy because in the state he lives in,this is 100% legal. The city and the state are even testifying on his behalf in court. I think it's crazy they can allow a state to vote for this and be in charge of thier own state, untill the DEA finds out about it and has to go and cause problems for no reason. I mean really trying to go out of their way and go over the state of Californias head to get these people in trouble. It's pretty rediculous to me, if they dont want it to be legal, dont allow a state to vote it to be legal.


  1. So - as far as media ethics is concerned here, Sean, are you complaining about media coverage of legalizing medical marijuana?

    I'm confused. I get that you disagree with the government's position, but help me out here - explain what you see as ethics issues in media coverage.

  2. I think the media should make a bigger issue out of this. I thinkthe media should talk more about this issue and the double standards that we have in America right now. Basically I read this article and got upset and wanted to bring it up on the blog. I cant really blame the media for anything other than not making this a bigger issue. People getting arrested for legal things in their own state is crazy and something should be done.