Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not the sort of innovation we need

Deception or fair advertisement?

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Innovation in College Media
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The Daily Bruin at UCLA ran a “wrap” advertisement around their paper today. Ordinarily, I have no problem with “innovative” advertising ideas (well, except for those cursed roll-over web ads), but this ad went way beyond “innovative” and ventured into the area of “deceptive” and “unethical.”

Here’s the real Bruin front page, along with the ad-wrap front page that ran today:


  1. Completely deceptive, as a credible news source, readers have no reason to doubt the headlines captured on the front page. And as I, and I'm sure many news readers do, I just glance at the front page expecting straight news. I hardly have time to read the fine print at the top of the page that I expect to be there daily. There is no way that the average news reader would take this for the advertorial that it is.

  2. And another note, I know time are tough, but can we please, PLEASE, not stoop so low as to selling our entire souls to the advertisers?