Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Journalism and the War

I appreciated Marshall coming and talking to us in class. It is fun to get a first hand story of how journalism takes place in times of war. I can say I hope I never have to cover the war like he did. I would be one he made fun of because I wouldn't know anything! He had some good information on what is really going on over there and had some great advice. So thanks for coming!
As I was listening to him tell of all the stories that the media isn't, or didn't tell, part of me was glad. The stories are hard to hear and I don't know that I want to hear about everything that is going on over there. I can't change the fact that we are at war and I guess the way the war is covered seems more like protecting the ears of the American people more than censorship. All types of people read the papers and watch the news. People who have loved ones over there and maybe they don't want to hear how much danger their children might actually be in.
My brother served in Iraq for 18 months. We would get a phone call from him about once a week to hear how he was doing and every time he just said fine. He didn't fill us in on the extreme amounts of danger he was in because he didn't want us, his wife, or his kids to worry any more than we already were. I know he was shot at, drove over a land mine in his army vehicle and a few other stories, but it wasn't until he came home that he told us some of the dangers he faced daily.
If the media reports EVERYTHING that goes on over there, it might prove to cause more damage. I know as journalist we have to tell things how they really are, but there is some knowledge into keeping some information private. I feel bad that the wrong information is getting out, like when he said they always blame Bin Laden for everything. We need to be getting correct information, but I don't think we need to know everything that is going on.

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