Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay... I have made my decision

This semester we have talked a lot about if newspapers are irreplaceable, and a lot of the class did their final projects on this or something similar. After listening to the presentations, I think I have developed my opinion. I think in the beginning I tried to appear like I cared more than I actually did on this subject, I know I know, it's horrible to admit for this class, but I realize how important newspapers really are. I agree that our society adapts to technology and we MIGHT find a way to overcome this online revolution, but I think the reality is that it would be really, really hard. Journalists might be able to go online and do their own research and share their information through blogging but they will make no money! How will they have time and RESOURCES to go do all the research themselves when they have a full time job to pay the bills? I also thought it was a good point brought up in class that it will be hard to learn what is going on locally. I have come to my opinion that newspapers are irreplaceable. Our society might find a way around this dilemma...but I am hoping they don't have to.

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