Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do any other states in the US have a "Faith" section in thier local paper?

So it;s probably pretty obvious, but i am not a JCOMM major. I know, a shocker, but my point is that i am pretty new to this whole reading the entire paper thing. I used to limit myself to eye-popping front page articles and the sports page, and possibly the entertainment section we have in The Oregonian back home in Portland. So im not suite sure if i ever seen a Faith section before. I understand that Utah is highly religious and very highly populated with Mormons, but would this kind of section be allowed in any other state? And again this is my first time seeing this page, but if you look in today's paper damn near the entire fron t page is a huge picture and article about missionaries serving in India. Along the side alomst all the way down names "called" missionaries and "returned" missionaries, which is cool dont get me wrong. I just see a 2 possibly 3 inch tall article at the bottom with no pics about christian veiws on easter these days. i could be wrong here but i dont know if The LA times or The NY times would allow a specific religion to highlight a section of their paper. I absolutely am not trying to offend anyone, just wondering if anybody else thinks this is weird and if anybody knows if any other main local papers outside of Utah allow for this to happen.

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  1. Sean, maybe you should consider doing your final paper on this topic, to find the answers to your questions. You may be surprised.