Friday, April 24, 2009

Women arrested for selling her baby for $5,000

A lady in West Virginia was arrested for selling her baby for $5,ooo for rent money and because she supposedly could not connect with the 5 month old baby. She originally tried $10,ooo but the women buying the baby talked her down. This is sad. This women is crazy and needs to find a better way to get some money, that is just rediculous to me. I also find it sad, because this baby will probably eventually want to know who thier real parents were and so forth, and might eventually come accross this story and find out that their mom sold them for $5,000 for rent money. Money can make people so crazy things in this world.


  1. This story is way gnarly. We are familiar with people selling themselves and, in other countries, slavery, but to have someone right here in the USA sell their baby is way crazy. Some interesting things have developed since we have hit the recession. It is too bad to see what people are doing to "get by." Selling your own flesh and blood is pretty hard to fathom. Also, $5,000 for a kid is not very much. People adopt for a lot more. Anyway I think this story is sad.

  2. Sean, what are you identifying as media ethics issues around the story you posted about selling the baby?

  3. Mostly I brought this up because of the child when he gets older. Im not saying it shouldn't be ran in the paper or that it should. I just feel like this poor kid is going to read this story when he gets older and see that he was sold by his mom for $5,000. This does not just affect the mother in the story it also affects the child in the long-run. Just a possible ethics issue with the kid.