Friday, April 17, 2009

Universities all over recieving Millions of dollars from an unknown source

I read an article today about all the Universities that have each received millions of dollars recently, and even better, none of the schools have a clue who is donating this money. It seems to be legit though, the schools are dealing with lawyers and signing agreements about not trying to find out who the donation came from. Money is in cashiers checks or checks from law firms. This is absolutely crazy! Somebody or a group of people is doing something unheard of these days, and just giving out money. Is there a catch? There has got to be, I just cant believe it, its too good to be true. There is also an ethical issue here, should you accept and use the money if you don't know where it came from? If you knowingly accept funds from ill-gotten gains, if you will. I say, if it's anonymous, then hell yeah! But then again, if a million dollars was set on my doorstep, I might be a little iffy on if I should pick it up or not. Sometimes things are simply just too good to be true, but hey, maybe there are good people like this in the world these days, who knows?

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  1. The university donation is pretty awesome. The interesting thing is that each university is headed by a female. The schools are spread out over the country and vary in size. The only condition is that the donations need to be used for scholarships. One school was cutting scholarships and received 1.5 million dollars. Its an impressive move by someone.