Thursday, April 16, 2009

The internet is taking over!

The dying of newspapers has been a highly reported story because it is so unbelievable to think that the internet could really replace the newspaper. But, I was even more surprised to learn that now through the wonderful world of the internet, students can get an education online, not only in college, but now the option extends from KINDERGARTEN through college! What are people thinking? Don't get me wrong, I rely on the internet just as much as the next person, but that is going too far! Where is the limit when people are going to say stop. We go to school to learn yes, but also to gain the social skills you just can't gain by starring at a computer all day long.

As I was watching "The Year of Living Dangerously," I started thinking about the internet and all that it can provide. It would have been much easier for those reporters to submit their stories with the internet and they would have been published much sooner. They would have had more equipment to get better stories as well. Then I thought about all we are losing with the rise of the internet. We are losing the skills of great reporters like Billy who are being replaced with blogs, Facebook and twitter that anyone can comment on and call themselves a journalist. The training a journalist gains is dying because citizens don't realize the work people like Billy are doing. We are losing the face-to-face communication and friendships with individuals because it is much easier to send an email, or a quick message on Facebook. We are losing so much and now we are even looking at losing the social aspect of actually attending school, sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other people your own age and learning how to deal with them.

The internet does make life easier in a way, but is there a limit of how easy we can make our life? Is there a time when people will take a step back and realize how much Americans are relying on computers and the internet. I fear the day something happens to the internet.


  1. This was a great post, I totally agree! It's really scary to consider how much of our lives are now influenced by the internet and how much the context of reporting and journalism will be influenced and affected by it. For some reason it makes me think about Edward Murrow's quote about television in "Good Night and Good Luck" and about how we would "live or fall" by it. And judging by the sensationalistic nature of modern broadcast journalism (not of all of it, mind you, but quite a bit..)it does not bode well for something that has the potential to be much more dangerous. So, will we "live or fall" by the internet? And when you consider the fact that we live in an age of "infotainment" and a "Me me me" culture (facebook, and such..). How will journalism survive?

  2. I completely agree as well! Just a few minutes ago I heard about being able to receive education on the Internet. It is ridiculous! Even college…SO much of college is about the experience with other people. Everyone expects everything to be available and free on the Internet. I think I am even guilty of it! It reminds me of the movie Walle, where society becomes so lazy, they can’t even do anything by themselves. Pixar may have hit our future more than we realize. I know I might get a lot of criticism for this, but I don’t do Facebook or Twitter for those reasons. I love having person to person contact with people and I know Facebook provides so much information, but I just know I could get addicted and stuck in it. A lot of people spend their lives on Facebook and I don’t have the time or desire to do so!