Monday, April 6, 2009

Ethics in Film

Sacha Baron Cohen has a new upcoming movie called Bruno and I can't deny my excitement. His last movie, Borat, had issues with law suits and being labeled as inappropriate. Apparently there are film ethics as well. I bet at least one person tries to sue over something in this film just like the last. July 10th will be a great day.

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Sacha Baron Cohen and, I too, am eagerly awaiting "Bruno." Between the "The Ali G Show" and the "Borat" film, Cohen is another great example of a comedian who uses satire, in the form of fictional but utterly believable variety show journalist characters like Ali G, Borat, and Bruno, to make some pretty important social statements. He certainly seems to be targeting the ignorance and hostility of contemporary Americans and in this way his work is pretty revelatory and side-splittingly funny, if not slightly crude.