Friday, April 17, 2009

The Year of Living Dangerously

Not a bad movie. The poor little guy was doing too much though. He desperately wanted friends, but his only chances for friendship were with random reporters that have traveled there to cover a story or stories. These people are traveling there for work purposes, not to make friends. Sure if your around fellow Americans and are hanging out on your off time, your gonna be friendly and have a good time, but to expect these people to be your closest friends your gonna be sadly mistaken. As Billy( he/she) was. Mel Gibson was kind of shallow though in my eyes. She told him about the story for his safety purposes because she cared about him, and he didn't care about that one bit. He got in her pants and got a great story, what else could a sleazeball male reporter want? Although who's to say unless you really are in their shoes. I know I cant deny that I have done some selfish things in my life before.

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