Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuesday's Movie

The movie was pretty interesting. First, I think like most others, I wasn't sure that the midget was actually a guy being played by a girl. Other than that I thought the film had a powerful message. Once again, the film dealt with journalists transcending the all binding code of ethics and fulfilling human nature. I think the most powerful point was the fact that sources, especially in foreign reporting, trust the journalists they work with. We saw the same trust in Sarajevo. As Americans and journalists we carry a certain aura with us. In other countries both can be deemed good, bad and split. Obviously it depends on you global location. But, intrigue and stereotypes drive foreigners all over to be drawn to Americans and journalists. I guess we, as Americans and journalists, can be seen as a person of interest. That is some responsibility.

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  1. Just a note, 'midget' is considered a derogatory term. They prefer dwarf or little people.