Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Response to Jessica

You know Jessica, I too feel that a traditional newspaper is irreplaceable. And like Arie said, there is something about the sound of opening the paper in the morning, the smell of fresh print, and the nostalgia behind a cup of coffee and the daily news in the morning. Yet after Arie and Storee's presentation and seeing their Newfangled Newspaper and then going this morning to, I realized that the two publications have a lot in common. Arie and Storee, I think you were onto something with your newfangled news, but I also think that your idea has been duplicated onto the web. Like on the NY Times site, they have blogs that let journalists give insight into the stories they write. They have first-person stories, and have abundant coverage of a variety of topics. So, I guess what I am saying is, don't be worried because I think this is a golden revolution in our industry, like Adam said. And I think that we will come out on top, maybe with something different, but come on, we will always have a job... That is a guarantee given to us by the Constitution


  1. I feel so invigorated by Katie's response, and Jessica's response ( to the irreplaceable nature of newspapers and your optimism of the future of our jobs. The Constitutional right is a good point. You are right on the NY Times as well. I believe they are ahead of the crowd, but I think they are the only ones. I think the whole, old-white-guy dominated, traditional industry needs a complete and vast overhaul. Let's dress like it's 2009 (the newspapers that is). Newspapers have lost their sparkle for a lot of people. I want the newspaper to glitter. But I am but a lowly junior in college, what do I know? But then again, what do those old white guys have on me, besides balding heads? I think it is time to push the good ol' boys out and re-stake newspaper territory. I may be idealistic and niave, but I believe creativity and an infusion of new people will save the newspaper. And yes, who does not love the smell of a fresh newspaper in the morning, or afternoon for that matter?

  2. I have to say that it is sad to see newspapers failing, but I am optimistic about the alternatives. I think we can survive as news consumers as blogs, twitter, and facebook become more mainstream. Journalists will revert to the next possible outlet (online) and thrive there. Sure there are toms of "what ifs" and issues that online faces, but the details will sort themselves out as time progresses. It is important to latch on and take advantage of the new media forum that has burst onto the scene. I am positive that newspapers will remain to exists, but their power will diminish. It is essential, as journalists, to move with the times and carry our skills to other outlets to make them strong and more credible.