Thursday, April 9, 2009

NEWS ALERT! Newspapers don't own journalism

So says Charlotte Anne Lucas, a veteran journalist, teacher, publisher and self-described "online instigator."

I always thought it was odd to hear flat out declarations that there can be no life on other planets in the absence of water. How egocentric! So you’re saying that life can only exist if it’s precisely like us?


That’s the feeling I’m getting right now in the woe-is-us, hand-wringing sob-fest about whether life and our democracy can survive the death of some newspapers.

With all due respect to some great newspapers where I’ve worked, I don’t give a damn about the paper they’re printed on.

What I care about is journalism.

Read the rest of this good post, great links to the evidence included.

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One of her blog commenters adds this:

Great investigative journalism can exist outside of newspapers. As illustrated by the 11 person staff of the online-only Voice of San Diego, which has uncovered several government scandals and does a fine job of delivering important news about the workings of San Diego to its readers.

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