Monday, April 20, 2009

It's That Time of Year...

Monday, the Pulitzers were awarded to a number of news outlets across the nation. The New York Times won five awards and The Las Vegas Sun won the most prestigious award, the Public Service Award. I read this story on the awards,, and what I found most interesting about it was that although new media and online journalism have grown substantially in the past year, there was no awards given for their online contributions. The closest that an online news source came was winning an award for a cartoon editorial. Even though the awards given, I'm sure, were well deserved, I have to say shame on the Pulitzers for not recognizing the power of online journalism. What will the Pulitzers do next year when there are less and less traditional news organizations vying for these prestigious awards?

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  1. PolitiFact, the online "arm" of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, actually did win a Pulitizer this year for national news reporting. See my post linking to the Poynter report on it, including a 2 minute video by the editor about what this means for the future of online journalism.