Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something Interesting..

I was reading through the Herald Journal on Thursday and I found this in the opinion section. I think that this is an interesting point, not so much that he has a good point but that there are people out there that have some concern for the future of their news.

Here’s betting newspapers will weather “perfect storm.”

Newspapers’ problems are self-inflicted. They have transformed from newspapers to “viewspapers.” Instead of printing “all the news fit to print” they peddle their highly biased points of view as news. Reading such drivel is too fatiguing for words.

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  1. It's popular for some pundits to blame the travails of newspapers on bias, but that's not what's causing them to fail.

    The engine that pulls the newspaper industry is advertising. Classified ads have nearly vanished -- why pay for an ad in the newspaper if you can get it wider exposure for free online, on Craig's List?

    Here's a short, clear summary of the problem if you're interested: