Sunday, April 5, 2009


The more I have thought of this film, the more anxiety I have about it. I don't understand how being a journalist means you cannot be humane at the same time. I also don't understand how a journalist's credibility is shattered when they help the victims. Their audience will see death and horrible tragedy, would it be any different if the journalists helped their subjects at the same time? Is the problem with a journalist getting involved that they get to know their subjects? Isn't that part of journalism too? I thought developing a trust with your subjects is a good thing. They may become valuable sources or give you further information about situations. Journalists aren't rushing off trying to find their murderers to report both sides of the story, why does it matter that they help anyone while they do their job? Helping may not be part of the job for journalists, to alleviate suffering, but it is part of being human. The readers see children being slaughtered- are there 2 sides to this? There are so many questions I have about these situations and I just don't understand why a journalist can't help. Maybe this makes me a bad journalist. Maybe I shouldn't be a journalist.

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