Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wartime Correspondent

It is hard for me to actually believe anyone. Of course it is cynical, but I guess I have just become a bit jaded. I feel the same way about elections. To be honest I didn't even bother to vote because it has become absurd to me. The war is petty and so are its critics. I am not one to engage in activism or even really acknowledge it for that matter. I think to much emotion and passion is spent on activities that are yield little fruit. With my 'negativity' now out, I believe in a positive contribution to the world. Sure marching the state might turn heads or voting in the next President might solve our issues, but service is at the heart of change. I guess as a journalist, people become unbiased and detached beings when really the world needs a Flynn from Sarajevo. Voting and activism get us only further away from the human relation that many journalist have also lost. I guess the human relation is what I think is most important. Heck someone brought cookies to class. There's a start.

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