Saturday, April 18, 2009

California paper says NO to control by PR

Check this out:

Why we're not covering the Round-Up rodeo: A note to readers

For the first time anyone here can remember, the Record Searchlight today won't have any journalists inside the rodeo arena at the Red Bluff Round-Up.

We have raised serious practical and ethical concerns about the new "ground rules" the Round-Up Association has established to "manage" our coverage, and have received no sign from its leadership or media representatives that they're willing to discuss the matter.

This means we can't bring you pictures and accounts of the action, and the publication of results may be delayed.

Click here for the rest of this story, plus dozens of reader comments. The newspaper says it declined press credentials because of the four basic ethical principles for journalists is to act independently. It's our job to bring you the news based on our best judgment, not to willingly submit to being "managed."

Cowboys understand simple right and wrong. To us, this is wrong.

What are your thoughts on this?

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