Sunday, April 19, 2009

The American Newspaper

Has anyone seen this KUED Utah Now segment?

It's a great discussion, although I didn't appreciate the funeral music at the beginning. But maybe it was appropriate...

And hooray for Ted Pease!!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Kelly. I thought the program was a good one too.

    Any surprises or insights there?

  2. Kelly,I am sooo glad you posted this, I hadn't seen it. Yes, HOORAY for El Peeziniro. I must say I totally disagreed with the bald blogger guy. I wanted to note, the Huffington Post does NO original reporting. If newspapers die, so do they. Period.

    Secondly, niche newspapers are bad and EVIL. Americans already just hear or read what they want. We need reality, to know about Bulgarian Cloggers :). Yes, this model may work financially, but it is El Crapo for democracy and an informative source of news. It is good for us to read what we don't care about or know about because those things affect us. If all newspapers go to niche audiences, I will have to go to an insane asylum or Canada.

    This was a great discussion. I believe that newspapers are not a replaceable source of news. Bloggers and tv take their stories from newspapers. We need trained, investigative journalists for all aspects of news, business, sports, politics, even stuff like weird news and fashion. I need to know someone is checking the facts and not giving me what they think. Of course people subscribe to papers that match their ideologies, but I think that is what newspapers should try to prevent! That is the whole point. Niche papers make the point of newspapers moot, in my opinion.

  3. Hahaha, you all have to see the irony of three old men discussing "new media." However, I found the piece really informative and the old men contributors were excellent, especially Pease, the only wish I had was that they had someone who was on the new media threshold present on the panel. Perhaps someone like Dooce.