Friday, April 3, 2009

What is the West's responsibility?

I thought one of the most interesting parts of 'Welcome to Sarajevo' was the comment one of the diplomats made in regards to the war. He said something like 'you can't expect the West to come in and change everything.' Is that true? What is the responsibility of countries that are powerful? Should they protect the helpless? Is it really their responsibility to take on that kind of task? What qualfies for help? I would like to hear any comments on this.

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  1. I do not think the West should be the world's problem fixer. Cultures and history run deeper than the West can even deal with. At times it seems plausible to intervene like in Sarajevo and World War Two. Other times it can be disastrous like Vietnam. It can be hard to pick and choose the battle, but it is not always the West's responsibility. I often wonder about the difference in the world because of West intervention. It can be scary to realize the pressure on the West to solve the global issues. Today it is the West that will solve the global recession. Let's turn it over to the East this time.