Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ethical Philosphy

Now this is tough because when I read over the different philosophies and views of the philosophers, nothing jumps out at me that I can say "Oh thats what I believe." So I'm going to switch my major to philosophy and become a philosopher and your grandchildren can study my views many years from now. Well that is bogus, but maybe a good idea. So back to my views. From what I have studied (sorry but it really isn't a lot), I think I agree mainly with communitarian ethics with a side of virtue ethics. If that is confusing let me break it down. I think you have to find your ethics within yourself. However a huge fan of balance. While you do what you think is right according to your personal values, one must recognize the communities or one's surrounding's needs and give that reasonable thought and consideration in ethical decisions. But I am also a situationist. I do not think you can lay down laws for ethics and apply them to every situation. If that were the case then the laws wouldn't be ethics. By that I mean the beauty of ethics is they are not set in stone. They are completely personal and can change for different circumstances. If this seems confusing, I apologize. Feel free to ask questions.
As for other philosophies...I see the reasoning and points, their just not mine.

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