Friday, January 30, 2009

I guess I'm a Mutt......

I cant say that I am in full agreement with any of these philosophy's, they all sound pretty nice in different ways. i would say I am a little utalitarian, but not too intense, i do have feelings and ethics of my own and am going to do what is best for me as well as the society. Although i have seen John Q and do sympathize with his story, but i doubt that i would or would ever take it to that level. i think the opposite philosophy from Kant is pretty ridiculous, and doubt anybody could truly follow through with these beliefs and still keep a friend. along the same lines Epicourious' its all about you attitude is just about as ridiculous in the same sense as Kant. I think we would be fools to say none of us thought with these perspectives before though, i think it is human nature. So all in all i guess I am mixture of all these philosophys.

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