Friday, January 16, 2009

Alice Bailey

My name is Alice Bailey and I am a senior majoring in print journalism with a minor in philosophy. When I started my education at USU my major was mechanical engineering. I worked myself into a position where I thought I was going to get married, so decided that I wanted to finish degree sooner that I was going to be able to do in engineering. I looked at my options and journalism looked like my best choice.
I threw myself into my major head first, praying that I would like it, and I did. I've tracked my media consumption before and realized how much of it I consume. I spend most of my waking hours consuming some sort of media and I think it is great. I figure if I am not listening to something, reading something, watching something, in class (second hand media), then what am I doing? It's everywhere, so lets use it to do some good.
I think that life is too short to live it wrong, so I have taken some time over my years to look at what it is I believe is good, and what isn't. I think that treating people with respect is extremely important. I don't think anyone wants to have eyes rolled at them. I think that in most cases, they don't deserve it either. We usually think we are better than someone else, but that doesn't make it true. I also think that it standing up for what you believe in is something everyone should be willing to do. I don't believe contention is a good thing, but the chance that someone feels as you do is pretty good, and they are waiting to hear their thoughts spoken with someone else's voice. Strength in numbers sort of thing. I have learned over the years that individuality is essential in this life. Don't be afraid of who you are or what your past has been. These things shape you, and I hope make you a better person. Let people know. You are you for a reason. I had a friend teach me that.

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