Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adam Pollock

Adam Pollock

My name is Adam. I am a PR major and Portuguese minor. I will graduate in May. I plan on attending law school this fall. I grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA near Los Angeles and Santa Babara. I loved hanging out in both place to expose myself to more culture. I hope to work in international law with non-profit organizations. I took the class to learn more about ethics, to improve my personal and professional ethics, and study cases that deal with ethical issues. My number one Value is accuracy. I feel it necessary to be accurate with facts and information or else we follow false ideas. Honesty and integrity would be my next important values. It is crucial to be honest and real to yourself and audience.

I enjoy foreign media. I am an avid reader of the BBC's website. I wish to see more international news on the headlines of local and national news outlets. I feel it to be extremely important to be informed on foreign issues. I love the media. I enjoy reading and consuming information, whether its useless or not. Thats about it.

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