Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't we all just be friends?

So, in the last class a disagreement ensued between the PR major and the print majors of the class as to the ethics of a certain case study we were doing. The PR guy was arguing that it wasn't really possible for the guy in the case study to give an articulate response in the amount of time given for him to do so. The print majors said that 'no comment' is what needs to be printed when that is all the response given and a deadline is in place. The ultimate consensus on the situation was that the journalist should have given the guy more time to respond by telling the reader that more of the story was coming.
I think the whole thing ended fairly peacefully, and that everyone felt pretty good with the end result thinking the bases were covered ethically. So, why doesn't this happen in real life? I think it could if people weren't so determined to prove themselves right, and others wrong. I think that if we really all worked together, like we say we will, so many problems would be resolved. Did the arguement take some time? Yeah, it wasn't two words and done. We had to crawl through the facts a bit, but in the long run, this would have saved a lot of time in real life situations.
Can PR and Journalism get along? I think so. It just isn't very common.

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  1. That was my favorite part of class. I think we should get fired up every discussion week.
    When you talk about getting along between PR and print - are you talking about the golden mean of balance? Or is this not philosophically related?