Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am Aubreyann Hansen. I am a print-journalism major and multi-media minor from he Instructional Technology department. I plan to graduate this May.
Values in my life.... Number one is honesty. My other values are in no particular order. But they are loyalty, respect, work ethic, not being ethnocentric or being open minded, caring, and fairness.
These values fit into my major because I believe journalists should be honest with the public. As a journalist I must know where my loyalty belongs (to the people) and respect myself as well as coworkers and audience. I need to be fair to all parties involved and be open to their opinions and beliefs.
Some people would look at this and say that is not what media do and media are none of these things. And I see where they are coming from but just because media are going downhill and looked down upon doesn't mean there aren't good journalists out there. I just have to do my part to positively contribute.

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