Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diane Denning

My name is Diane. I am a senior majoring in print journalism, with a minor in English. I will graduate in May and I am so excited to be done. I was married in May of 2008 and we are living in Logan until my husband and I both finish our education.
I have many different values in my life and I am not sure I can say that one in particular is more important than the rest of them. To me, each value works together to create a person with a good character. Some of my values include: honesty, integrity, hard work ethic, charity, dependability and the ability to laugh at yourself when you mess up. I don't know if the last one is really a value, but it sure makes mistakes easier to overcome.
There are many people in my life who have each one of these values, but the two people who stand out in my mind are my parents. My dad taught each one of his eight children the value of hard work and to be honest with yourself and others. My mom helped each of us see the effects of charity and being able to laugh in difficult situations. Together they helped me learn the importance of having a good character and they are two of my heroes.
I think the media share the same values as most of us do, but it is sometimes hard to decide whether to print a story that could help many people and still hurt someone. I feel that this is where most media gets its bad name. The public doesn't understand what journalists do which seems to be the biggest problem. Hopefully one day we will all be on the same page.

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  1. The problem is the public sees media in a bad light and don't care enough to dig deeper. Public expects us to deliver the full story 100% accurate with no questions. They don't want to work for themselves to get the story or to clear up any questions about the story or media.