Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Into the pot, already boiling...

Hi! Welcome to the Internet cafe for JCOM 4010, Media Ethics, at Utah State University. Here's where students, faculty and friends will discuss, arm-wrestle, argue, debate, expound passionately and otherwise think out loud as we work our way through thorny but interesting journalism issues.

Students in the class are all authors on this blog. They are Amy Jensen, Kelly Greenwood, Diane S. Denning, Storee Powell, Arie Kirk, Mack Perry, Katie Williams, Katie Smedley, Jordan Oldham, Alice Bailey, Adam Pollock, Aubreyann Hansen, Ashley Zarate, Sean Setzer, Jessica Collett and Kyle Milne. With majors from journalism to horticulture, they have backgrounds as diverse as the media they'll be studying.

Comments, challenges, questions and remarks from readers are invited. Got light? Shine it here.

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