Friday, January 23, 2009

Absence of Malice

The move Absence of Malice that we watched in class on Tuesday was the definition of why I don't always like the media. The way that Meg made a story out of nothing was terrible. I could have understood if the story was just something not important like "Why people like Ice Cream." But when she wrote a story about a man (Mike) being accused of murder is just terrible. She did not have all of the facts. One of the parts that made me the most frustrated was when Meg met with the Lawyer about whether she should run the story or not. All that was important to them was if they could get into trouble. They did not care if all of the facts were right they just were concerned if they would be sued. I could go on about how ridiculous the movie was but I will save it for my paper.

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  1. I agree. Their priorities were off. Checking with a lawyer is always a good idea but should only be done after a checklist of things like the questions you posted are certain.