Friday, January 16, 2009

Jessica Collett

My name is Jessica Collett. I am a junior majoring in journalism, emphasis in public relations, and a minor in women and gender studies. I value my relationships with people and I am extremely loyal! I protect whatever is close to me and get attached to things or people easyily. If I went to a pet store and saw a puppy I instantly connect with, no matter what other puppy I saw I’d always want the first one. (I hope that is a good example). I get obsessed and overwhelmed about what I am passionate about. With my minor in gender studies, I hope to better the understanding of others with stereotypes and unfair circumstances. Because I am focusing on public relations, I will be the one bugging the media –not the media bugging me ☺. I am very fair person so it will be hard to be put in ethical dilemmas, but I hope I will be able to act according to my values. I believe the media have such a power to make a difference and do good, I just wish they did more often.

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