Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor Meg

"Absence of Malice" was quite the journalistic movie. I was so amazed at how many rules Megan broke and that she didn't even seem to think twice about any of them. I couldn't believe she would stoop so low to look through a file that didn't belong to her, then stoop even lower and write a story about something she didn't know much about. Other issues in the movie bothered me, but this one made me upset the whole rest of the show. Megan could have avoided all her other mistakes if she would have just followed the FBI agent out and dropped the story until there was more information.
I feel there are a lot of reporters out there who would have done exactly what she did. They would have fallen right into the trap. This is why people think journalists are cunning, deceitful and just looking to ruin other people's lives. I felt bad for Mike and wanted him to get back at Megan, but I also felt bad for Megan. She should have known better and her editor should have known better than to publish a story with no basis of truth. This movie had me just waiting to see how far Megan would go before she realized what she had done and tried to make it right. But, by the time she did that, it was too late. A life had been lost and another one had been ruined. It can be so easy to fall into traps and this movie showed how fast a life can be ruined by a simple article in the newspaper.

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