Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Katie, and I'm a Klutz

So, ever the scholastic, trying to get my homework done in time, I ventured outside to get my backpack so I could do my blogging. No joke, I didn't slip on the ice or trip on a crack in the sidewalk, I fell INSIDE my car, while seated, between the back seat and the front seat, and hurt my knee. I even surprise myself. This type of behavior is not irregular, nor is it infrequent. I am just glad I have good insurance.

Besides being clumsy, I am a senior graduating this May with a dual major in Sociology and Journalism and Communications. I live in and commute two days a week to Logan from Ogden. I moved back to the home town after getting married this July. I have two cats, Chloe and Oliver. Chloe is the latest addition to my brood, my husband gave the okay for another cat after Christmas this year. I enjoy summer time with all of its activities. From hiking and gardening to boating and swimming, I love all of the summertime fun. I am also an avid reader of all genres. I once tried starting a book club but it quickly turned into a "no book, book club," where my girlfriends and I did more drinking than reading.

Adding to the list of values we established in class, I would have to say my most important values are determination, humanity, education, independence, and family. These values are the most important and closest to my heart. I feel that though many of these values may overlap in a long list of media values, many of my personal values may not rank as high with what the media may value. In looking at the New York Times corporate website,, the corporate values of diversity, inclusion, innovation, technology, and social responsibility were emphasized. Many of these values are similar to my personal values. For example the Times value of social responsibility aligns well with my value of humanity. And determination closely resembles innovation. But as humans frequently do, I feel the Times and other media outlets at many times fail to live up to their values. There is frequently a gap between stated values and reality.

Yet hope is not lost, I feel a great awakening occurring in the era of the citizen journalist. This revolution is leading to the opening of the marketplace of ideas. I am a firm believer in the theory that as more and more ideas are present, truth will ultimately prevail. Further, I am excited to see the diversity of involvment in the press and democracy. No longer is good public reporting left to stuffy academics and reporters on the beat, Joe and Jane the Plumber have as many opportunities and avenues to publish as any well known writer. Finally, I hope that along with truth comes accountability for media outlets who fail to live up to their values and social purpose. Knowledge is power, right?

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