Friday, January 16, 2009

Storee Powell

Hello Media Ethics class. My name is Storee Powell, and I am a junior and print journalist major at USU. I am from Shelley, Idaho, and I am an old married woman, and it is fun to be an old married person. I like to hike, play the piano, eat chocolate, and hang out with my family, and I strongly dislike numbers. I love news and newspapers and magazines and cereal boxes....anything with words I can analyze. My love of words I think comes from my mom. She always took me to library as a kid and read books to me. I think I would flunk life if I couldn't read because I need words to understand things. I feel that if more people would read, especially newspapers, they might have a better grip on the world, and particularly ethics issues.

I am taking this class because I as a human and a journalist have to encounter ethical issues everyday. I have my own approach, but I think that it never hurts to brush up on dead white philosphers. I love philosophy. There have been times in life where I felt I was at an ethical stalemate. I was stuck and just didn't know what to do because the issues was so complicated. So I hope I get a better understanding from this class.

The values in my life are feirce loyalty to people who are close to me, personal accountability, sincerety, dedication, and I try to be non-judgemental, but I am human. I think that if everyone were personally accountable, there would be fewer ethical breaches. Being personally accountable forces you to be honest with yourself, which is hard sometimes. But by doing this you are honest with others, and usually make better decisions. Sincerety is important to me because I am a realist. And if you don't mean what you say or do, you are not dealing with reality, and you cheat yourself and others. I believe in approaching situations and people as non-judgemental as possible, not comprimising other values, but trying to give people the benefit of the doubt because let's face it...sometimes life gets messy and no is perfect.

I think the underlying values of media fit with my personal values. Journalists have to be personally accountable because they make lots of decisions that are tough, and to get better, they have to be honest with themselves. Also, loyalty to the public is important to a journalist. Sincerety and non-judgemental are important things during interviewing people. People know when you are lying or judging them, and this won't make for a good story. The news world is tough, so if a person isn't dedicated, they won't make it.

My heroes range from Johnny Depp to my parents. I like that Johnny Depp, if you know his personal story, is very true to himself, and doesn't let media nor others affect his decisions. Also, my parents are inspiring people. They essentially were raised in a hell that most people cannot imagine, and yet they grew up to be happy, smart and kind people. My dad has a strong work ethic and my mom is very intelligent, and they made me, at times to my dislike, acquire these traits. And they have served me well.

Sorry if this is too long. But my name is Storee and I like to tell stories, no pun intended.

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