Friday, February 20, 2009

I'll just sit here on the fence, thank you very much.

This is something on which I cannot make up my mind. I believe any form of deception is unethical, especially to get a story. But then again, I think it depends on what sort of action is going on and who is doing it. If there are tips of serious allegations, I'd like to say go for it but every form of ethical and up front investigating should be explored first. So, effectively, I don't think I could take a stand on this until I am in the situation.


  1. Let me see if I've got it -- you would use deception, but only if it was the only way to get a story you thought was important?

    Who decides what's important?

  2. I wouldn't base deception on what I personally think is important. That is no way to make a decision about something like this. If there is an injustice to human rights that all can collectively agree upon or unlawful activity, I think it should be uncovered. With that said though, doesn't that essentially put us on their level? It may not constitute serious injustice but it is deceptive. I don't know. I just run around in circles on this issue. I think of something that would be worthy of undercover investigation and then wonder how I'd do it but then, how would I publish it and stand behind it without question? Working unethically and being sneaky about – it just doesn't seem any better or any more acceptable than the behavior I am uncovering.