Friday, February 27, 2009

Objectivity and Loyalty

Objectivity is an important part of journalism but it seems to be an unrealistic goal. Everyone is a product of their environment. We see things the way we do because of how we were raised, where we grew up and the experiences that we have had. As we get older and have more experiences we either learn to think more for ourselves or we start thinking even more like those around us or worse just like our parents. I think as journalists if we know we have built into us our own notions we should try even harder to take a step back and be objective.
It didn’t seem like Murrow had much of choice but to let Hollenbeck be tarred by McCarthy. He had so much on his plate already. It would be hard to watch a friend suffer so but it was necessary to reach the desired end.
Journalists owe loyalty to their readers and themselves. They of course have to be loyal to the advertisers or else how would the bills be paid. I would also say loyalty is essential in friendship but you can’t always please everyone and when you try you generally fail.

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