Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Rules out for online?

After reading the new ideas about changing how online journalism is done, I am agreeing that it is always good to look and see if change can make something better, but I am not quite sure about this guys suggestions on how to do it. For the first new rule, I don't think it is good to intentionally become involved in a story, it seems this rule is encouraging it. But I don't think it is terrible to tell the readers how your reporting went, and what you did to get the story. I think this sounds very refreshing. For the second rule, I just totally disagree. All sides, not one or two, always should be reported, and regular print and tv news are still struggling with that. This is too essential to journalism to throw out the window, 'debunking the lies' makes it too easy for the writer to start throwing their opinion in there rather than let the story from all sides help people make a decision on the truth. For the third new rule, I say yeah. The reader should be able to easily identify the difference between ads and editorial space. I still think newspapers are better though. Dumb computers.

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