Friday, February 27, 2009

Shattered Glass

So after this week my posts will be on track with everyone else's.
I watched Shattered Glass and all I can say is WOW. The part that bothers me the most is Stephen Glass won't admit to all his mistakes. It was one thing to fabricate the stories. It is another to lie about it, especially once you are caught.
I don't understand why Stephen didn't just be a fiction writer. He is obviously good at it.
The worst part about Stephen is he covered real issues that needed attention but he used fake information. The issues can't be recognized at the level they need to be when the stories are revealed as fiction.
I just sat there thinking anytime now would be great to say "Ok I made it all up." I don't understand his thinking. It seems to me he was trying to protect his reputation and his job by saying everything he wrote is true. To me, what he did made it worse for him because he was obviously busted. Now not only did he write bull shit but he lied about it and tried to make people believe he was an honorable person being attacked by the new editor. I think he felt too many pressures to be great and tried to be what his family and friends wanted him to be instead of being true to himself and being great at something he wanted to do and could do honestly.

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