Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogging on ethics

Storee e-mails, "Do we need to do a blog entry for this week? If so, what on?"

Short answer: YES. Always. When in doubt, blog -- and please don't feel constrained by what I've suggested for the topic. (Note that I usually remember to call those suggestions "starting points," which implies that you have permission to wander and wind up somewhere else.)

Our schedule has had a minor change in the order of movies, but it doesn't affect the blog. Here's what the schedule says for this week and last:

Blog: (by Feb. 20) Starting points: Is deception by the news media ever justified? What about undercover reporting? What is the price for deception in the service of a good cause?

Blog: (By Feb. 13) Comment on any current local, state or national journalism ethics issue.

BTW, that Feb. 13 suggestion is good for any week, any time. Feel free to comment on any current media ethics issue that's got your dander up.

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