Sunday, February 8, 2009

Smooth Criminal...

Jail time was hardly a real threat to this worm Stephen Glass, but hell the liar knew how to work a crowd. Politics aside, Glass's smooth ways parallel that of Bil Clinton. Despite Clinton's personal oval office affairs, no pun intended, he is said to be the kind of guy you would want to go out and get a beer or white house intern with. Glass pulled the same card. He used his knowledge of people and exploited it. Everyone either felt bad for the guy or just loved his friendship. He took those relationships and used others emotions to his advantage. The dude lived in a fantasy world and skimped on the code of ethics. Although Glass eventually got caught, the question surfaces "who watches the watch dog?" How many other journalists cook parts of or entire stories. How many Stephen Glass's exist? I guess the only solution to honest, truly honest and accurate journalism is to admonish each journalist to do all they can to live by the standards.

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