Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's in my notes...

...Yeah, sure it is, Mr. Skywalker, Dark Lord of the Shit. Bullshit, that is. Ok, I know that was kind of a stretch, but given the fact that Hayden Christensen brought his great emo teenager acting sensibilities to the roles of both Stephen Glass and the young Darth Vader to be, I thought it was appropriate. All joking aside, "Shattered Glass" certainly brought up a lot of great ethical and practical questions about certain aspects of the journalism profession and about the nature of trust. Is anyone else a little blown away by the the fact that "fact-checking" for the New Republic could, in some cases, consist of going over the handwritten notes of reporters---treating them as completely rebuttable sources? Surely, there has to be more to the process, but if Mr. Glass really got away with fabricating as many stories as he did...perhaps not. And speaking of Mr. Glass, one has to wonder if the real Stephen had any imput on the film that showcased his exploits, given his enourmous ego and his apparent proficiency at telling entertaining stories. And, have you ever met anyone like Stephen Glass in your own life? Someone so full of shit that once their charade is exposed it's almost impossible to take them seriously ever again. I know I have. I could certainly identify the moment that happened for editor extraordinae Chuck: when Glass looked him in the eye one last time, claiming that he had met one of his fictional sources before.

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