Friday, February 6, 2009

confused but reporting anyway

So I missed Tuesday's class. They syllabus says we watched Good Night & Good Luck but from the other posts it looks like you watched Shattered Glass.
So my posts are backwards I'm guessing. Objectivity is an extremely important trait to have for reporting. But to me it is more of keeping yourself and your opinions out of your reporting. I agree when Murrow says, "There aren't always two equal and logical sides to each argument." A reporter is supposed to get the facts and report them. If the sides are not equal then they are not. Objectivity is giving both sides and equal chance.
As for loyalty, reporters are loyal to their audience. This does not mean tell them what they want to hear. But to find the truth for their sake. In the movie, Murrow's boss says that he writes Murrow's check, feeds his family, and puts his son through school. He says this to say I am in charge. But even at that Murrow reports what he finds and does not always report to what his boss would want on the air. And that is how it should be. Not a lack of disrespect but fulfilling duty and not letting anything get in your way. Sometimes reporters have to "throw stones at social giants" and hope for the best but always have a clear conscience that you did the right and best thing possible.
Loyalty is an important trait to have and value to hold. It is on my list of professional values however it is not at the top. While I recognize the importance, there are more important values in my mind. Being honest is one of them.

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