Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Night Journalism

So, with all the media falling into a wasted pit of endless nothing, what do we learn from good night and good luck? Well, McCarthy would have carried on his merry little way, scaring everyone into oblivion if Murrow hadn't had the balls to stand up to him. People applauded Murrow for what he did, and it was certainly courageous, but things have changed. Apparently everyone is tired of hearing about all of the bad stuff. Would they tire of Murrow trying to tell the truth? Would they applaud him now and stand behind him? Maybe not.

Newspapers are dying. The public think they hate the media. They think they can do it on their own, but they can't. I'm sure people criticized Murrow for what he did, but they wouldn't have had anything to criticize him about if he hadn't done anything. People are more than willing to share their opinions on current events and public opinion is rampant, but would public opinion exist if the media didn't give them anything to have an opinion about? Blogs would shut down if the media didn't feed them with new information. The people would be silent, and ignorant.

But then again...maybe ignorance is bliss.

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