Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why I love it, and then some.

I love "Good Night, and Good Luck." I think the filming is beautiful, and the cast and story line are excellent. I like to watch it every so often because it reminds me of why I like journalism. I think the movie captured the feel of a newsroom perfectly. The support of fellow staffers, the chaos and adrenaline of getting the story, reporting, waiting for the phone to ring ... I love it. Newsrooms are a great working environment. In a thankless job, it is nice to have a staff that will celebrate the victories and always stick with you. I think the portrayal of this in the movie was well done.

At the beginning of the movie, Ed Murrow said something about people having a built in allergy to bad news. This goes to a topic a lot of us have been discussing and, as I have said, agree with. Someone else in the movie said something similar, "They want to enjoy themselves, not a civic lesson." This is the sad truth. People would so much rather watch Murrow do his "Person to Person" show, or whatever it was, than hear about a senator's deceptive acts. Sure that's intriguing but people like happy and positive news, as evidenced by the man who wrote that letter to the editor to The Herald Journal. Which leads me to reference another quote of Murrow's. At the end of the movie, he said the television is more than wires. It can illuminate, but only if people let it. People need to recognize journalism for what it is – a watchdog and an educational opportunity.

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