Monday, February 9, 2009

Wrong profession?

Aside from all that is wrong with what this man did, lets all just take a second to reflect on his genius. This guy fooled everyone, everyone except me i might add. within the first ten minutes i leaned over to my neighbor in class and said, "i don't trust this guy, he is weird." just wanted to throw that in there to feel cool, but i digress. Back to my original point that this man was in the wrong profession. the first thing i think of is either a novelist, because of his great imagination, or a writer for the national inquirer. But if I were as convincing and believable as this guy I would become the worlds greatest con-artist, even though in a way i guess He was, I think he could go into serious business conning people into trusting him and exploiting it, because thats all he was really doing throughout the movie anyway. I guess him becoming a lawyer in the end fits quite well also considering he is such a great liar.

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