Friday, March 6, 2009

A Precedent Is Set

I have been thinking quite a bit about the 'steam room' story, not for the individual story itself, but the bigger picture it merits. I think that most students, including myself, would be upset and concerned to walk in anywhere on campus and find a USU professor engaging in lewd acts. I don't care if they were doing it with their spouse, another student or professor, heterosexual or homosexual. I would leave wanting not only to burn my eyes out, but feeling my academic setting where I am supposed to abide by certain rules had been violated. This issue has to do with responsibility and consideration, period. This being said, I believe the Herald Journal did the right thing reporting this story. However, it has set a precedent. I believe to give fairness to all sides, the Herald in the future should cover all acts of lewdness any professors are involved in on campus. This will keep the Herald from the dangerous act of picking and choosing amonst offenders on biased or seemingly biased notions. It is also fair to the student community. While the rest of Logan may be unfamiliar with Tom Peterson, the USU student body is, and I would like to think I am important enough to have a right to know about these issues. I guess I just wrote part of the Herald's policy. Well-ah! Problem solved!

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  1. I agree with you on the idea of precedent. I feel that if the Herald Journal wanted to, and did, go there, they need to be consistent in their coverage. They should also cover any questionable acts that recieve citations by members of the public who may have the slightest of infulence. That is the precedent that they set, good luck.