Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The poor baseball players these days........My main problem with the media

I know, me writing about sports is pretty typical, but whatever, its been on my mind since we started this class. There has been a major issue in major league baseball lately, and it seems to be a huge ethical issue as well. over the past two to three years, there have been an epidemic of accusations of players using steriods in major league baseball. These are not just your average players the media has been calling out, but they are the top names in baseball in the last decade. Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriquez, Roger Clemens, just to name a few, and they are all future Hall of Famers, or at least were on route to be until these accusations came out. They may or may not be true, and none have yet been found guilty by the supreme court, and many have been tried already. The problem with all this is, these players are taken from the top of their game and because of a rumor, or some washed up old trainer trying to get famous, their image is now tainted forever! Even if they are found innocent, which Barry Bonds has been, they are still thought of as steriod users and any record or accomlishment they achieve is tainted. The sports media has a field day with steriods, there seems to be a new accusation or rumor floating around every month, and they run with it untill the next one comes out. Very rarely is there any evidence that is worth anything in court, and most these cases never ammount to anything. The sports media has no problem ruining these players lives and tainting their reputation in baseball all for a little story.

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  1. I totally agree with the media ruining the careers of the cream of the crop. Jose Canseco is the only play to just come out and full on embrace the idea that he used roids. He's made money of what the media labels 'sinful.' His book juiced has received some recognition. He, like the media, outed a bunch of people with rumors or half truths. Some of it could have been revenge on his part. The media really has no excuse, but hell run a story to death like a pack mule until the rumor surfaces.