Thursday, March 12, 2009

Journalistic Ethics and their links

I was browsing around the website and found a page that had many links to Ethics Codes by various media outlets like the BBC, the New York Times, NPR and others. I found it interesting to see each company's policy on certain ethical issues. The New York Times encourages community involvement from their journalists, but advises them to be weary that neighborhood organizations can find themselves in the media spotlight. In a Los Angeles Times article involving the papers ethics editor John Carrol said, "I think a code of ethics, written or commonly understood, has always been important for the long-term success of a paper." And, Annenberg online address the honesty issue of online journalism saying, "Be honest with your readers and transparent about your work. If people wonder for a moment about your honesty or your motives, you've lost credibility with them. Don't let them do that. Answer those questions even before readers ask." The website is chalk full of interesting and insightful links. Check it out.

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