Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Night, and Good Luck

Sorry for the late post, I didnt get a chance to rent the movie till yesterday. So I've never seen or even heard of this movie before and didnt know what to expect, especially when i found out it was black and white, but it was interesting to see how things in the media were back in the olden days. It seems like had Murrow never stepped up to the plate, that media could have been used and abused in a dangerous way. I feel like Mcarthy was damn near brainwashing the public through television. He was saying anything he weanted to say and people were believing it. How communist crazy would things have gotten had Murrow never brought up these issues? I believe Mcarthy would have become more and more powerful and would have continued to use television to his advantage. I think what Murrow did was admirable, taking the risk of losing his job and many other risks to let the public know the truth.

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