Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barney Gimble...just another Stephen Glass wanna be

I came across an article that highlighted Barney Gimble, a writer for Fortune 500, was forced to resign for plagiarizing and sensationalizing a story about a Russian billionaire. Apparently Gimble ripped off an August 2004 New York Times Magazine article. Maybe he thought people forgot what was written almost five years ago. Anyways Gimble's article was published on January 26 of this year and got busted last week for the incident. If he had only watched Shattered Glass he might have made better choices. I guess its just a lack of hard work on his part. He failed to put in the effort and got caught. The New York Observer posted the email Gimble sent to the office on his last day, it reads, "“Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that Friday is my last day at Fortune,” he wrote in an e-mail “I have enjoyed working with all of you over the past few years and I will look forward to keeping in touch.”" He seemed pretty optimistic about losing a job. Fun to see ethics in action. By the way I totally agree that he should of resigned for plagiarizing.

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  1. Wow, what an interesting story... I never heard about that. I wonder why he seemed so unphased in his email! Did he realize the impact of what he did??

    ....Also, his name is really similar to Barney Gumble's from the Simpsons. (Yes, I'm a HUGE Simpsons nerd. I need a life.)